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Canso Canal Gate

Canso Canal Gate Recess Structural Slab Replacement, Port Hastings, NS
Investigation and design of support slab for sector gate operating mechanism (Structural Engineering)
Completed: April 2013

Detailed description

The passage of vessels through Canso Canal is controlled by two pairs of sector gates, located at the northern and the southern entrance of the canal. While passing through the canal, each vessel is required to come to a complete stop at a predetermined location upstream from the sector gates. The gates are then opened to allow the vessel to exit the canal.

Each gate, weighing about 150 tons, is operated by operating mechanism supported on a reinforced concrete recess cover slab. The slabs had deteriorated due to sever climatic conditions prevailing in the Strait of Canso, and advanced age. A failure of the slab could potentially disrupt the canal operations.  SHM Canada was commissioned to carry out detailed structural investigation, make recommendations, and subsequently, to design the replacement of the slabs at the north end of the canal, and conduct construction reviews during construction. The new design included the use of high-performance concrete and incorporation of galvanized structural steel sections to transfer concentrated loads to the side walls.