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SHM Canada specializes in the design, inspection, assessment, maintenance, and rehabilitation of bridges, buildings, and marine structures, and is an industry leader in the use of structural health monitoring (SHM) for the risk management of critical civil engineering assets.

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Structural Engineering

At SHM Canada, we specialize in bridges, marine structures, and heavy civil engineering structures. Our structural engineering services include the conceptual and detailed design of new structures; the inspection and evaluation of existing structures…
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Structural Health Monitoring

SHM involves strategically placing sensors on, around, and within, a structure, in order to detect and assess damage, which can be caused by factors such as age, aggressive environment, overloading, and accidents...
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Municipal Engineering

Municipal services are at the heart of any planned residential, industrial, or commercial development. Our municipal engineering services include the detailed design of underground services such as sanitary, stormwater, and water supply systems...
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Construction Inspection

At SHM Canada, we provide resident and non-resident construction inspection services for structural, marine, and civil engineering construction projects. This includes, but is not limited to, inspection services for the construction of bridges, marine structures...
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