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Refurbishment of ship arrestors at Canso Canal, Port Hastings, NS

Refurbishment of the Canso Canal ship arrestors, Port Hastings, NS
Investigation and design of complete refurbishment of ship arresters (Structural Engineering)
Completed: March 2013

Detailed description

Passage of vessels through Canso Canal is controlled by two pairs of sector gates, located at the northern and the southern ends of the canal. Each vessel passing through the canal is required to come to a complete stop near a ship arrestor, installed upstream from the exit gates. The gates are then opened and the boom raised, and the vessel exits the canal.

The arrestor spans across the canal and protects the gates from accidental vessel impact. It is comprised of a set of steel wire ropes suspended from a structural steel boom. If a vessel is unable to stop at the designated stopping point, it would come in contact with the steel wire ropes suspended from the boom. The ropes anchored at one end of the canal, and wound over a steel drum at the other, stretch across the bow of the vessel and are released in a controlled manner and prevent it from impacting the gates. 

Since the construction of the canal, there has been only one instance of a vessel overshooting and colliding with the arrestor. Due to aggressive climatic conditions and lack of use the cables were frozen in place, and the sheaves routing the cables had corroded and were no longer functional. 

SHM Canada was commissioned to design the complete rehabilitation of the ship arrestors that included replacement of cables and sheaves, replacement of corroded booms, and remediation of concrete deterioration.