Structural Engineering

At SHM Canada, we specialize in bridges, marine structures, and heavy civil engineering structures. Our structural engineering services include the conceptual and detailed design of new structures; the inspection, condition assessment, and evaluation of existing structures; and the repair, restoration, and strengthening of structures through the application of conventional repair methods as well as innovative technologies such as fiber reinforced polymers (FRP).

We use innovative methods to achieve greater cost efficiency, quality, and safety in our inspection services. For example, we use rope access technology to access and inspect elevated structures and hard-to-reach areas such as the undersides of bridge decks; diving and underwater video cameras for underwater inspections; and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) to visually inspect other areas that are difficult to access. SHM Canada owns certified UAV equipment and our inspectors are licensed to operate them under Transport Canada regulations.


Structural Health Monitoring

SHM involves strategically placing sensors on, around, and within, a structure, in order to detect and assess damage, which can be caused by factors such as age, aggressive environment, overloading, and accidents. The information gathered using SHM helps in developing a management strategy (i.e. maintain status quo, refurbish, or replace) for the structure.

No two monitoring projects are identical, and, therefore, SHM Canada does not subscribe to a “one SHM system fits all” approach. Such approaches lead to the use of redundant components and algorithms, which almost always lead to higher costs. 

We develop customized solutions for each individual project, by identifying sensors, data collection and communication methods, storage equipment, and data processing and reporting algorithms that are appropriate for the client’s monitoring objectives.

SHM also plays an important role in the development of new material and technologies, as it can provide data on their effectiveness. 


Municipal Engineering

Municipal services are at the heart of any planned residential, industrial, or commercial development. Our municipal engineering services include the detailed design of underground services such as sanitary, stormwater, and water supply systems; overland stormwater drainage systems; and road networks, as an integral part of the subdivision development process. As part of our services, we also liaison with various municipal agencies and regulatory authorities.  

With climate change causing more frequent and intense rainfall events, stormwater management plays an increasingly important role in the design of municipal service systems. SHM Canada is working hard to develop extensive knowledge of the terrain and rainfall patterns in order to better understand and manage stormwater flow. Specifically, we make an effort to incorporate existing topographic features into stormwater management plans to reduce high flow rates by retaining, detaining, and controlling discharge of rainfall runoff.


Construction Inspection

At SHM Canada, we provide resident and non-resident construction inspection services for structural, marine, and civil engineering construction projects. This includes, but is not limited to, inspection services for the construction of bridges, marine structures (wharves, breakwaters, etc.), and municipal engineering projects. We have a team of qualified inspectors throughout Nova Scotia who can be placed within the Atlantic Provinces at short notice.

Our inspectors report to, and are managed by, a team of SHM Canada engineers based at our offices in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We have the resources needed to manage the administrative work that goes beyond the efficient provision of these services. We have provided these services for numerous projects throughout Atlantic Canada, and, most recently, were awarded a contract by Public Works and Government Services Canada to deliver construction inspection services for marine projects under construction in Nova Scotia in 2018.