Structural Health Monitoring

SHM involves strategically placing sensors on, around, and within, a structure, in order to detect and assess damage, which can be caused by factors such as age, aggressive environment, overloading, and accidents. The information gathered using SHM helps in developing a management strategy (i.e. maintain status quo, refurbish, or replace) for the structure.

No two monitoring projects are identical, and, therefore, SHM Canada does not subscribe to a “one SHM system fits all” approach. Such approaches lead to the use of redundant components and algorithms, which almost always lead to higher costs. 

We develop customized solutions for each individual project, by identifying sensors, data collection and communication methods, storage equipment, and data processing and reporting algorithms that are appropriate for the client’s monitoring objectives.

SHM also plays an important role in the development of new material and technologies, as it can provide data on their effectiveness. 

Project Experience

  • Bridges

  • Towers

  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings

  • Marine Structures

  • All other types of structures